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Omnicef is active as for many bacteria and used for the treatment of the infectious diseases of the middle level of the severity.

Omnicef 300 mg

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Omnicef is active as for many bacteria and used for the treatment of the infectious diseases of the middle level of the severity. The active component of the drug is Cefdinir which belongs to the pharmacological group of cephalosporins.

As other cephalosporins Cefdinir shows a bactericidal action by means of the inhibition of the synthesis of the cell wall of bacteria. It destroys microbes from the outside providing maximally fast onset of the pharmacological effect. This antibiotic is resistant to the action of some (but not all) beta-lactamases, and therefore it is used in cases when other antibiotics (for example, some penicillins) are ineffective.

Omnicef may be taken for the treatment and prevention of:

  • bronchopneumonia
  • chronic bronchitis
  • sinusitis
  • pharyngitis
  • tonsillitis
  • infections of the skin of the middle level of severity, uncomplicated by severe inflammatory processes and wounds 

Usage and dosage:

  • before taking the drug it is necessary to have a medical examination to find out a type of the infection and choose the most optimal dosage regimen
  • the initial dosage for adults and teenagers is 300 mg 2 times per day, or 600 mg once.
  • Children under 12 years old are indicated the dosage individually based on formula 14 mg per 1 kg of the body weight per day
  • Therapy lasts within 5-12 days depending on the clinical response to the treatment. 


  • Omnicef is not recommended in case of the appearance of allergy to the active components of the drug, and appearance of digestion disorder. 
  • Patients with manifested dysfunction of kidney should reduce the daily dosage.